Scientists in the Classroom

nationalcenterforscienceeducationNCSE is in the process of recruiting teachers for NCSEteach’s fall Scientists in the Classroom program. Please help us spread the word by sending the following short description of the program and information on how to apply to your teacher networks!

The National Center for Science Education’s teacher network is launching an exciting new program to get scientists into classrooms across the country!

NCSE has over 30 years of experience supporting the teaching of science in public schools, with a particular focus on climate change and evolution. We believe that teachers should not be alone in this educational endeavor; scientists can and should play a role in connecting students to evolution and climate change science, as well as support teachers when challenges arise around these topics. Scientists in the Classroom is a great opportunity to connect students with real-life early career scientists, as well as for teachers to have an expert on board when teaching evolution and climate change! With this program, teachers and scientists collaborate as colleagues, peers, and partners in the scientific enterprise to further science education.

So how exactly does it work? First off, teachers apply for the program here. Then, we’ll work to find a scientist in the area who matches the interests and needs of the class. Once a match is made, we’ll connect the teachers with a local scientist and provide guidance throughout the semester-long program to plan and carry out two in-class visits.

For more information on Scientists in the Classroom, visit NCSE’s website, or email Minda Berbeco at I hope you take advantage of this awesome opportunity to connect your students to the scientific community!”