Scientists in the Classroom

NCSE is in the process of recruiting teachers for NCSEteach’s fall Scientists in the Classroom program. Please help us spread the word by sending the following short description of the program and information on how to apply to your teacher networks! “The National Center for Science Education’s teacher network is launching an exciting new program to get scientists into classrooms across the country! NCSE has over 30 years of […]

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources staff provides educational outreach for students K-8 on the following topics: Our Rocks and Minerals Energy/Alternative Energy Sources Protecting our Coast and Coastal Wetlands Water: A Valuable Natural Resource We are pleased to work with Science Teachers all across the state to schedule presentations and lessons in the classroom or for special events. For more […]

Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Layered experiences open new worlds at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. Our programs spark big ideas and give meaning and relevance to what your students learn. We have designed them to meet your educational expectations, address your curriculum requirements, and foster a lifelong love of learning. Our experiences can be transformative for your students because programs build on one […]

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s Education Programs

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s Education Department’s goal is to educate the public on important issues affecting the Pontchartrain Basin. With increased awareness of water quality and coastal issues, citizens of the basin become better stewards of the region where they live. For teachers of students K-12, the education staff provides an Educator’s Packet for lessons offered at the New […]